It’s amusing to see how much Something Borrowed is getting savaged. I liked the book well enough — I started with Something Blue, though, which is the sequel, but which I like better, so it’s hard to tell. But when I first saw John Krasinski was in it, I thought he was a fun choice to play Dex… and then it turns out he’s not Dex at all, but some random character they imported from Something Blue to be Ginnifer Goodwin’s confidante. And THEN all the previews are all, “John Kraskinski is incredibly important to this film!” but in fact his character didn’t exist in the book and therefore seems just to be there for Kate Hudson Relief. And THEN THEN the reviews seem to be saying, “I can’t believe Kate Hudson keeps DOING THIS TO US,” which is odd because she’s the person (sight unseen) who I think is BEST cast in the entire enterprise. And THEN THEN THEN you know I’m going to be watching the hell out of this thing on HBO, or at least pretending I did, while actually shelling out $5 to see it via DirecTV Pay Per View while swearing Jessica to secrecy.

All of which is to say WHAT IS HILARY SWANK WEARING. Join me for a closer look at her and the others.