First of all, I apologize to Blair Waldorf for always calling her “Blair Waldorf,” but that’s what happens when you’re profoundly good in your first TV role and you spend like six years beaming yourself into people’s living rooms. There’s a reason we’re still calling Matthew Perry “Chandler.”  Second of all, my personal motto is often “What Would Blair Waldorf Do?,” which means that I can tell you that (a) that’s a terrible personal motto that generally ends in tears and headbands, and (b) she would not wear this bellbottom jumpsuit/blazer combo, not ever, not even if she lost a bet. (The blazer can stay; the rest of it also needs to stay, but only so we can examine it and figure out where it went wrong.) While we’re here, we need to talk about Blair’s new TV show, Making History, because its description on Wikipedia went to a place you will not predict. Ahem:

“The series will follow a professor who creates a device that allows him and his colleague to change the course of events from the past in order to improve their current life, not knowing that interfering with someone close to the events could disrupt it when one of the guys is dating the daughter of Paul Revere.”

First of all, interfering with the past always disrupts things (haven’t these professors seen Back to the Future?). Second of all, whoever wrote that sentence needs some editorial assistance. It is like a runaway horse.

The one on IMDb is better:

Computer science professor Dan Chambers is an unpopular nerd, but when he discovers time travel, he finds that he can claim movie quotes and stand-up bits as his own and be the cool guy in the 18th century. He doesn’t initially realize that by transporting himself back in time to hang out with his girlfriend, Deborah, he is altering events in the present. When Dan’s meddling leads to Paul Revere postponing his famous ride and altering the events of the American Revolution, he must turn to popular history professor Chris Parish for help. Together, Dan, Deborah and Chris try to set everything right.

OKAY. NOW I know what is happening. It’s basically Timeless but less noble and potentially played for laughs? I dunno, you guys. Is Deborah Revere gonna be wearing a jumpsuit? Do we have a role for Mr Blair Waldorf,  the current Mayor of Newport, Seth Cohen? I have many questions!