I think we’ve all been around this block long enough to know that those panels on the side? They’re not opaque. They’re never opaque, in the end, are they? They are the death of hope.

Angela Sarafyan

The funny thing about this perfunctory extra-tall loincloth is that the Internet was like, “She’s taken the naked dress to new levels!” I disagree. Yes, it’s naked. Yes, there is sideboob. Yes, she’s clearly not wearing underwear. None of those are boxes that haven’t been ticked before. This is almost modest compared to, say, this nipple festival. Or this entire slideshow. Or what Beyonce wore to the Met Gala. Twice, honestly. Those links are just a drop in the naked bucket, and don’t even include any Kardashians (well, except for that one example). In fact, this neither reinvents the naked dress, nor changes the conversation about it. It just is, without reason nor excuse other than to try and annex territory other people claimed, and that’s one reason it gets under my skin: It’s naked and PLAYED. Pass.

[Photos: Getty]