Apparently¬†Ocean’s Eight will feature a faux Met Gala, so naturally two of the attendees are Kim and Kendall as themselves. And boy did they bring those selves. Kim’s precious ladyself is, in fact, wearing little more than hose and ready for its close-up.

Kendall is in an Elie Saab that’s extremely beautiful, and yet also features her nipples and navel relatively prominently, in a way that for me detracts from what its splendor could have been. As usual. Kim is of course clad in a Givenchy that echoes so many other terrible Givenchy numbers. (Actually, it’s a near-perfect mix of Beyonce’s colorful Giv and a Cavalli that Kim herself wore.) Kim hasn’t done a red carpet since the robbery — her one scheduled appearance was aborted when Kanye went into the hospital — and so this is basically the closest thing¬†to her first return to the spotlight. And it’s right on-message. It’s perfect costuming. Whoever picked these out clearly has a dab hand with Google Images, to the point where if you told me she wore it home I’d be like, “Well yeah, and are you sure she didn’t bring it from there, too?”

[Photo: Getty]