GIRL WITH RESERVED SIGN OVER HER FACE: Holy $%&^ I’m sitting behind noted singer/wackjob Paloma Faith, Marina of Marina and the Diamonds, some dude, and AMBER f’ing ROSE. I DO NOT WANT TO BE SEEN LIKE THIS.

PALOMA FAITH: Let’s see, I have my suitcase, my Vitamin Water, my marabou platform shoes, my kerchief, my tablecloth… Why do I feel like I forgot something?

MARINA DIAMANDIS: You did forget something: that you are not a 1940s wartime factory worker with a penchant for sniffing motor oil. Also, you neglected to tell me you were wearing the tablecloth that matches my sunghasses.

DUDE: DUDE! I picked the BEST day to steal somebody’s front-row seat. WHERE IS MY PHONE. I NEED TO TEXT SOMEBODY RIGHT NOW.

AMBER ROSE: Fact: This dress is my spaceship. And I just completed the worst parking job ever.

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