As you may know, Nicole Richie has a new book out this week — Priceless: A Novel, which is apparently about a rich girl whose father goes to jail for financial shenanigans and…I don’t know, she has to learn to live and love anew or some such. Regardless, I’m clearly going to read it and report back. Nicole, however, seems to be having some troubles with deciding on her authorial wardrobe.

Going to The View:

NICOLENicole Richie arrives to a Manhattan office building after appearing on

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Super adorable!

At a book signing?

Nicole Richie holds a book signing at Borders in NYC

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Steven Tyler.

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the approximately seven million years that I’ve been writing about outfits, it’s that if you make the executive decision to go Steven Tyler, you have to go full Steven Tyler, ALL THE TIME. I mean, look at Steven Tyler. Does he ever let up?  It can’t just be a once in a while thing. It has to be a COMMITMENT. So commit already — and watch out that you don’t get your scarf tangled in your mic stand.