If you think, “Hmmm, I’ve seen that coat before,” you are CORRECT. It’s the same blue McQueen she wore in New Zealand, when they were laying a wreath at a war memorial, so perhaps this one is filed under Coats: Solemn Occasions, right between Coats: Sassy Events and Coats: Tiresome Meetings. The hat is also a repeat (the thought behind repeating both on an occasion like this being, I’ve read, that it prevents her clothes from drawing too much focus from the event, although, you know, good luck with that. But I think the sentiment is correct, and on an event as big as today, actually probably does work to an extent). And if I recall what I read correctly, Wills’s tie is the stripe associated with the Queen’s regiment. Obviously, he also wore his favorite pink seersucker formal shorts suit, as I am sure some of you had in the pool.

[Photos: Splash]