No Bonnie Prince Georgie at this event, perhaps because laying a wreath at a war memorial is not exactly an appropriate occasion for a baby, even if he is a completely adorable little noodle. These two are also off to a fancy reception later tonight (which might be tomorrow for those in the US — let me tell you, I have done more math figuring out what time it’s going to be here in Los Angeles when things happen in New Zealand this week than I ever could have anticipated, and I have screwed it up several times) and that will get its own post, because SURELY it will have GOWNS.

Here, Kate’s in bespoke McQueen and as is true for all her McQueen coats, I love it. I want to take all her McQueen coats and wear them all at once, a la Joey putting on all of Chandler’s clothes. “Could I be wearing any more of your coats?”

[Photos: Getty]