And this was the post where I accidentally fell sleep before the late night round of photos came in, and woke up with a start around 1 a.m. with all the lights on in my bedroom and no idea what was even happening with my life/choices. The all-hours Royals updates of the last couple of nights have not been a trial whatsoever because I am (a) a total night owl and (b) often up late working on the book and whatnot anyway, but tonight I just conked out. ANYWAY. WE’RE AWAKE NOW. WE’RE ALL AWAKE NOW.  This is a state reception where William is unveiling a new portrait of the Queen (there’s actually video of the event here; he gives a speech and all whatnot, rather than just going, “Yo, here’s a new painting of my grandma, see y’all later”), and I appreciate that Kate brought out the custom Jenny Packham for us (a better call than this bottomless Packham frock, I guess).

I believe that next up is A Yacht Race, which is actually how Heather and I settle all our arguments here at GFY HQ, so I’m looking extra forward to it.

[Photos: Getty]