AND WE’RE OFF. Nine News in Australia had footage of the three of them changing planes in Sydney and it’s kind of amusing for a couple of reasons: first, it’s footage of people getting out of a car, greeting some folks, and then getting on a plane, which is simply not that dramatic unless you’re watching Scandal. Second, George is waving his arms and legs all over the place throughout the entire process. Third, and almost best, the news anchors are getting all excited to see the plane change and a bus pulls up and parks right in front of their camera and the whole studio groaned and yelled at the camera person to move.  I don’t know why it tickled me, but it really did did. ANYWAY. At the plane change, Kate was wearing her Max Mara gray wrap we last saw last February (when she was pregnant), while William and George were both in blue and looked like a dude in a suit and a baby, respectively.

BUT ON TO THE MAIN EVENT. Obviously, they changed to deplane here in Wellington, New Zealand, and changing brought with it a pillbox hat! George in a sweater with wee Queen’s Guards on it (I think; the video of them deplaning seems to support this theory)! And William in a suit still! Yes, I DID watch them get off the plane on the livefeed and here is what I can tell you about Prince George and the next 19 days: HE WANTS TO GET DOWN. NOW. PLEASE. DOWN. ALL THE TIME DOWN. He’s also really very cute and seems awfully chipper for someone who’s been traveling for 24 hours. Is it wrong that I might want a sweater with the Queen’s Guard on it myself?

[Photos: Getty, Splash]