Well Played, Kate Middleton and ROYAL FETUS


It’s the legitimate debut of Ye Olde Royal Bumpe.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Evalyn

    HEIR ON BOARD – no I don’t need to see that shirt, but please tell me she has one. Maybe she wears it to bed.

  2. Cortney D

    She looks lovely, but I must say that I love how she tied her wrap dress, sans bow. I will now do this with all my wrap dresses.

  3. Erica

    “HEIR ON BOARD” truly made me laugh out loud. It’s settled. I now know what gift I’m getting for them.

  4. ErinE

    Cute – kind of boring, but classic and tasteful and she looks really happy!

  5. karen

    So glad to see she’s back out & about. Hopefully she’s feeling better! Love the dress, nice on her still slender frame.

  6. jean

    And she grew out her bangs! Very smart use of her downtime :^). And I love how she still flashes her engagement ring. Okay, it might not be intentional, but I like to think she tries to give photographers a beauty shot of it at least one time per event.

  7. Stefanie

    She looks good! The wrap is a great choice.

    I hope she’s feeling better. I worked with a girl who suffered from the same “morning” sickness Kate did (I cant be bothered to look up the name of the condition) and it was HORRIBLE. I have never seen anyone so sick.

  8. Mouse

    Gawd – the SCRUTINY! I can’t even imagine.

    She looks a bit like she’s blushing in the last two pics – I would be too thinking of how EVERYONE is staring at my belly and contemplating the bedtime romping habits of me and the hubs.

    She’s still exceptionally tiny and I assume she will be for a while. Lots of tiny ladies don’t “pop” until much later in the pregnancy. But good on her for the empire waist wrap dress – good for highlighting what little bump there is! :)

  9. Lynne

    I am reminded how much I love the way that dove grey colour on brunettes. Also, this girl still has a great ability to show off that ring, “What? You mean this? Oh, it’s nothing. Just the world’s most famous engagement ring. Whatevs.”

  10. A.J.

    Glad she’s feeling better! I suffered from the same morning sickness as she did, so I really felt for her. She’s looking happy with her little baby bump.

  11. Gine

    She looks great! Some pregnant women look so cute, whereas if I ever decide to have kids, I’m pretty sure I’ll swell and sweat and waddle and basically look like a beached manatee for nine months.

    • junaitatres

      I had the same thoughts. Her pregnant stomach looks like mine after a big lunch.

  12. Daenerys

    “heir on board” is one of your greatest lines! Truly- Kate needs that t-shirt.

  13. glee

    What are the odds she’ll go the Beyonce route with a deflatable model bump?

  14. becca

    of course, she looks beautiful. i gained 15 pounds the second i found out i was pregnant. and her HAIR. no many how many times i see it, i am still in awe of it.

    • Maria

      Her hair is going to be insanely gorgeous…another happy by-product of pregnancy is shinier, healthier hair…I think it’s the prenatal vitamins combined with the hormonal effects on your growth/ shedding cycle. My hair was never better than when I was knocked up! And she started, like, a million miles ahead of us mere mortals!

  15. Cat

    A safe choice, but she looks great. Can’t fault her for going with a classic! I love the pattern and am glad she is feeling better. She certainly looks great!

  16. Monica Anna

    She looks beautiful. If you did not know it, I would never guess she was even pregnant here. She just looks really healthy and pretty…Her little belly is what I might have after a big meal. That being said I am pregnant with my second, about 2 or 3 weeks ahead of her and my belly is double that size=)

    • Megan

      I agree that unless they hadn’t announced it (can you believe we’ve known about the baby since early DECEMBER?) when they did, they could have waited a few more months before saying anything. This is what I hate about finding out about someone else’s pregnancy so early on – it feels like the pregnancy lasts a full year.

  17. Ellen

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say she’s due at the end of July. I’m due August 12, and I don’t look much smaller than she is. We’ll see in a few months!

  18. Melly

    Oh I think she’s going to be one of those pregnant gals who takes on weight in her face and shoulders. I already see it in her face. Just glad she feels well. As usually she looks great and comfortable and kind.

  19. h² fashion

    She looks great as always, and still rail thin too


  20. Kit

    I love how pregnant women get that slightly fuller face. It’s so beautiful on her.

    As for the outfit – boringly if tastefully done. She coulda snazzed it up somewhat with some coloured pumps (or even navy!) but good and good all is well with the world. :)

  21. Clara

    That awkward time when your old clothes are tight and you’re not big enough for full blown maternity, but you want EvERYONE to know so you do cute things like cradle your tummy and show off the bump. Lovely woman.

  22. Julia

    She does look great, but can we talk about the shoes? Is it just the camera, or do they look like the suede is wearing thin? Surely it’s the camera…

  23. Squirrel!

    If I didn’t know she was pregnant, I wouldn’t know she was pregnant.

  24. Cami

    Could the royal brood mare be any more boring? I’ll never understand the GUSHING over a woman whose primary function in life is to be a baby-making machine subsidized by the British ratepayers.

    • Kit

      Wow. That was… harsh.

      As for the gushing over Kate – I don’t think it’s any different that the gushing over *insert your favourite actress/model/athlete/celebutant here* that we do on this site; and none of them are any more worthy or said gushing, so why all the venom directed at her?

  25. Helena

    It does seem weird to think that behind that bump is the future King or Queen of England. Just a little bit of pressure on a baby there!

  26. Annie

    I do wish Kate would take a couple of tips from Her Majesty:1) wear color so that you stand out and people can see you in a crowd; 2) add a little length to the dress so you can bend over to greet kids without fear of showing more than you intend; and 3) have little weights added to your hem so your skirt doesn’t fly up. The Queen is someone I would definitely take advice from on all matters.

  27. Eli

    I am bored with those shoes, seriously. I know she does a lot of standing and she probably is super happy she found a pair that doesn’t pinch her feet, and I have no room to talk because I clomp around in the same pair of flats always but. Bored.

  28. Sajorina

    Beautiful & tasteful! She looks radiant!

  29. CopyChic

    I know the dress isn’t wowbangshapow, but it’s honestly the first thing I’ve like on her. I’m now on board. Heiry on board.

  30. Catherine

    Not many people over here now believe she ever had the severe pregnancy sickness and think it was more likely to be the norovirus. She appears to have been ‘fine’ ever since and doing whatever she likes including going on vacation.

  31. house mouse

    She looks lovely. And I bet she gets so, so tired of being compared to Diana all the time.