I’m always pleased to see Winona “Wino Forever” Ryder out and about in the world. Yet there’s something so permanently skittish and timid in her expression, to the point where I find myself even typing about her more gently for fear of her scampering away at the smallest thud.

She’s certainly made a very pretty choice here. I am not ENTIRELY sure what’s going on with her hair — is that a braid over the top? A mink headband? — and of course I hope for a bit more footwear panache, but this is elegant and clean and delicate, just as she herself appears to be. I would LOVE it if she hooked herself up with a limited-episode TV project, like Fargo or Bates Motel or something, where she could act the hell out of it for a concentrated period of time and get all the accolades but still retreat to her garrett for much of the year and peacefully write Jo March fan-fiction (along with angry letters to The CW about its dystopian Little Women reboot, which is only Little Women in the same sense that True Detective, by dint of a character named Ani, is a remake of Annie)(wait, or does it help make SENSE of True Detective if we think of it as Dystopian Annie?)(never mind, down that road lies madness).

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