We had a good shaker of an earthquake here in Los Angeles this morning. It wasn’t HUGE, but it was long and it was very close to my house and I swear to you when it woke me up at 6:30 a.m., I thought, “well, I had to get up and see what Kate wore, anyway.” I’m here for you like that, you guys. My priorities are well in line, and they’re royalty, and coats.

Anyway, freshly back from the Maldives (and both of them definitely look like they got a little sun), and back to work for these two. We were talking on Twitter yesterday about whether or not Kate would make it a threepeat with her green Emilia Wickstead coat, which she’d worn to this event two years prior, and the answer is no. As we Royal Watchers here on GFY are only too aware, here’s been some chatter about them taking such a pricy vacation (although they paid for it themselves), so I wondered if she might want to recycle the Wickstead for the appearance of frugality. My thought was that she probably would wear something new, but not exorbitant — or new to this event, anyway — and this coat is from Hobbs (which we don’t have here in the States, so I’d love to know the equivalent) and it’s apparently something like 169 pounds, so very reasonable. If you think you recognize the hat, however, you’re correct, as it was most recently seen at the event I like to call The Great Hand-Holding of 2013. Let’s take a closer look and scrutinize everything from hair to body language within an inch of its life. PS: William apparently told some folks at this event that that they’re good with one baby for the time and Kate drank the Traditional St Patrick’s Day Boozey Toast, so for those of you who thought she might be having a relaxing gestation vacation (a phrase I just invented and think is just really, really terrible, thus I shall use it all the time in the place of “babymoon”), not yet, my friends. Not yet.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]