Watchmen is such a brilliant show. Some of these categories were stacked, and truly any OTHER time each of them could have won and it would have felt right. But against Regina King, and Yahya Abdul-Matten? It just wasn’t happening. Still, Kerry Washington, for one, didn’t let it stop her from gussying up. This was her first look of the night, and I wish she had stuck with it because it’s gorgeous:

It is Oscar de la Renta, and I love it, and I’m just going to assume that bunching makes perfect design sense and therefore does not look at all like a static cling accident. The fabric is wonderful; her makeup and jewelry and that adorable bob, perfection.

Speaking of:

Regina King posted a video of herself in the Schiaparelli she would have worn had there been a red carpet, and no, it’s not either of the two dresses you see in the cover image so DEFINITELY click play:

And of course, life is never complete without the cherry on the sundae:

A formal shorts tracksuit is the type of thing ONLY our king Titus Andromedon could make work.

[Photos: ABC/Shutterstock]