Of all the Zooms in all the world, I’m so glad this dame slid into ours.

This slideshow covers most of the people who popped by the Emmys Zoom for the comedy categories (some, Jessica already covered because they also presented), and most of them had to be procured from my television set, which accounts for the terrible homespun quality. Mercifully, a few of them offered better glimpses on their Instagrams:

I love leaning into The Emmys at Home, where the nominated actors finally get to watch in elastic waistbands just as comfortably as the people who aren’t. Those PJs are gorgeous, and if I had the funds, I’d bid on them. Not because I’m desperate for celebrity jammies, but because if I’m EVER going to shell out the cash for designer ones, it would have to be for a good cause.

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Chico gonna whup my ass after tonight. #emmys2020

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I miss you, Chidi.

And there’s a photo of Yvonne’s dress in the slideshow, but she shared this stunning close-up:

Every aspect of her game is on point.

[Photos: ABC/Shutterstock]