So what if we didn’t have a red carpet? Tracee Ellis Ross made one for us!

She also went ALL out, wardrobe-wise, and I — for one — appreciate it! In fact, everyone who showed up to present treated this Emmys with the seriousness and glamour it deserves — even the the alpaca.

I’m interested to hear what y’all thought of the show as a show last night. I thought that — despite the unavoidable weirdness of people being at home/having their Emmys delivered to them via person in a formal Hazmat suit — it actually went really well. The people chosen to present were all folks you knew would show up and nail their lines, the majority of the bits were good (or at least not actively bad), it’s always fun to see people’s homes, and I think people finding out that they won on their own sofa next to their loved ones, in some instances, made their reactions almost more emotional than they might have seemed in a large auditorium. It was also one hell of a logistical masterwork — the behind-the-scenes crews who have figured out how to do things like this, or the DNC, are truly innovative, creative, and good at their jobs and I’m so impressed by them. I also enjoyed that some of the awards were presented by essential workers, all of whom nailed it. (People has a nice story about them!) Way to go, everyone! (LATE EDIT! Aha, Variety has a story about the logistics!)

[Photos: ABC, Instagram, my TV, Invision/AP/Shutterstock]