Vanessa Hudgens is looking very lovely modeling a new dress from the Melissa & Doug’s Lace and Trace Fashion line. … No, seriously, Vanessa Hudgens actually does sincerely look very lovely in this, even though a toddler capably could have put it together while plopped in front of an episode of Team Umizoomi. It’s a great color, and the skirt is flattering. And the show she’s promoting, Powerless, seems charming from the previews. (It’s a sitcom about all the poor saps who are stuck on the ground cleaning up the messes superheroes make, I think? Sort of? Kind of like the blog I wanted to start for a hot second back in the stone ages, from the POV of a lowly CIA or SD-6 intern who was SO SUPER OVER Sydney Bristow storming in wearing elaborate wigs and bleeding all over the rug and NEVER cleaning the coffee pot.) Maybe everything is coming up Hudgens. I’m cool with that. I’m on board.

[Photo: Getty]