Rita Ora is quite personable on ANTM this year — her strongest moment being when she ground judging to a halt just to tell the other judges she thought they made the wrong call, at which point they sighed, “MAJORITY RULES,” and sent her (somewhat sulkily) back to her mark. It is my belief that Rita isn’t an adept enough actress to have faked that moment, so it spoke highly of her taking the job and the decision seriously. That entire judging panel is actually great, and it’s been a very entertaining season — though I DO want to know if Rita refers to them as being in contention for “next top model” because she keeps forgetting there’s still an “A” in the title, or because the producers decided it needed to be WORLD domination instead.

Anyway: I never would have expected Rita to be so charming in that role, and likewise, this dress caught me by surprise. While lately she seems to have gotten away from gowns held together by the power of prayer, I still didn’t see her picking Jessica McClintock for Laura Ashley Home for Bed Bath and Beyond. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t have nice aspects; the colors are pretty, and with the big skirt cut off it might scream “throwback” in a kicky way. But it also might be made of a real bedspread. At least Rita can curl up during the screening and go to sleep.

Rita Ora

Oh yeah, she likes that idea. You’re welcome, Rita.

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