Yara being the winner isn’t totally a surprise. She set the bar early, and high, with this Naeem Khan. Nobody even came close: Yara had 38 percent of the vote, and the next-closest, surprisingly, was Nicole Kidman at 12 percent, then Michelle Dockery with 9 and Thandie Newton with 6. And as much as there were a lot of really great dresses at the SAGs this year, I think Fug Nation got this one absolutely right. I mean, even if you voted for someone else, can you really be mad at this?

Yara Shahidi

No. You cannot.

Worst-dressed was more of a surprise. Salma and Kate Hudson had 12 and 11 percent of the vote, but the person who never relinquished her early lead is…

Julie Bowen

… Julie Bowen, who took it with 19 percent. (I decided not to do a run-off, because then we’d totally forget, as usual. If you’re curious, the Globes run-off went to Viola Davis by a nose for best-dressed, and worst-dressed was a more convincing win for Sophie Turner.) And again… there were lots of really, truly viable contenders here, but looking at Julie’s crotchtacular J. Mendel, it’s difficult to conclude she didn’t work her nethers off for this dubious honor. It’s bad. It’s so bad. Congratulations…?