Well, I think Emily here looks amazing from the neck up — if my once-adorable co-star was awkwardly getting sued for sexual harassment, I would look considerably more haggard (which, by the way, Boreanez: you better be innocent of said charges, because I enjoy you and those sorts of shenanigans are deeply unacceptable). But let’s talk about the dress, shall we?

FOX 2010 Summer TCA All-Star Party - Arrivals

I like it, but I worry that the thin belt makes this look like a dressing gown rather than a, you know, GOWN gown. Me? I’d toss that tie and belt it with something more aggressively BELTY, both to cinch her in a wee bit and so as to prevent people from running after her to, like, hand her cold cream and her toothbrush. What about you, Fug Nation? Would you change everything, not a stitch, or something in between? Please weigh in!