My first thought at seeing Eva Mendes at the premiere of The Other Guys was, “Eva Mendes is in The Other Guys?” Well, contrary to what the ads would have you believe, she is. And, per IMDb, she’s playing a doctor. Not knowing anything about the movie beyond the ads — and the quasi-ad they featured on Big Brother last week, wherein the houseguests competed to get to watch the movie in a competition introduced by Wahlberg and Ferrell and Marky Mark looked like he wanted to KILL HIMSELF for having to go anywhere even vaguely associated with the Big Brother house, like, dude, you wrote a memoir and devoted a whole chapter to your third nipple, so unclench  — but my assumption is that she’s either playing Lord Funky Bunch’s lady-love, or the uptight doctor whose bun is slowly and metaphorically unraveled by Will Ferrell’s maniac gyrating. One or the other. And then once the movie is over, you will forget she was even in it, just like Hitch.

At least her wardrobe is more memorable. After all, even if you don’t like this, you must admit it’s probably very comfortable to sit on.