In the words of the infamous Kirk Van Houten, father 0f Milhouse, can I borrow a feeling?

Because other than being enchanted by Thandie Newton’s face, I can’t muster up an emotion here. It fits. The buttons look like brass hip nipples. Does it need to be hoiked at all? But if it is hoiked, then the necklace will REALLY drop into her cleavage. And the white hem at the bottom might make it look like drapes in a way that it wouldn’t if that part were black like the rest. I don’t know what to DO about it, other than to be disappointed, which is where I hope you will come in and lend me a more satisfying emotion — be it ragey or sheer delight.

This may help:

“I’m told this is the international hand gesture for MIC DROP.”

And then Kellan Lutz showed up… if this were a really amazing Dowager Countess fanfic. Which it could be, in the comments.

[Photos: Splash]