Two events for Kate today, one outfit for us to ogle. The first outing, she popped by the Emma Bridgewater factory, where mugs and plates and whatnot are made. (You remember that Bridgewater designed a mug to benefit a children’s hospice, which is one of Kate’s charities. I believe today is the first day that those are up for pre-order.) She also met kids from hospice while she was there, and looked at china, and made a plate, and ergo learned about plate-making, and then she popped over to another children’s charity (this one supports neglected and vulnerable children in the UK), where she also hung out with those kids. In other words: There are very cute children involved with today’s shenanigans, which I always appreciate. Additionally: You may have seen that earlier in the week, she released a PSA about the importance of seeking mental health care for children if they need it. Kate is all about blue patterned dresses right now, apparently. And coats ALWAYS COATS.

ALSO: Most of you probably know this, but because I know there are those of you who only pop by for royals coverage: You can download and read the first seven chapters of our forthcoming novel, The Royal We, FOR FREE as of yesterday! Given the subject matter, and that you’re reading this post right now, it may be to your liking? We really hope so.

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