When Dakota Johnson wore this in the Gucci campaign, I said it seemed fun from what I could see of it, and now here Riley Keough is thoughtfully giving us a clear view. My conclusion: It looked better seated, partly because you can’t see the messy crops. Each piece is snazzy enough, but all together — and with the bright silver shoes and bag — they are giving such wild jazz hands that I’m surprised she hasn’t taken flight.

These three pieces were all together in the official presentation photo (including same-color shoes), and I find myself wishing Riley had plucked just one or two of them and done something unique with it. As-is, she looks very Wallpapered By Gucci; she disappears into it and becomes a flesh billboard in a way that a few styling tweaks might have mitigated. I can’t decide what I would change, exactly. Lose the purple color? Make it a simple blazer? Simple blazer AND simple camisole? Simple blazer buttoned with no shirt? But I would have tried something, and for me it starts with “keep the pants” and then handling each fork in the road as we go.

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[Photo: Shutterstock]