A handful of fresh (to me) faces at the MTV Movie and TV Awards went all freaky experimental on the red carpet, and while I do not remotely support Addison Rae here deciding that her post-pandemic life is also a post-shirt one, I do appreciate TREMENDOUSLY the dumbness of it all because to me that is in the exact spirit of this whole silly shebang. The MTV Movie Awards: Original Flavor were half parody, and the other half an attempt to be EXACTLY of that particular pop culture moment and nothing at ALL more lasting. All with people who seemed either to move on to become huge stars, or obscure memories. This feels like the world trying to restore at least THAT much order.

And yes, I totally had to look up four out of five of these people. I know it’s tiresome when we play the Wizened Old Crone card. And I really do try to keep up as best I can with what’s up-and-coming so that I can at least PRETEND to know whereof I speak, but honestly, between TikTok and Peak TV and YouTube and the things I actually CHOOSE to consume for my own amusement, it’s just impossible. Two kids I’d never seen before (not in this slideshow) won Best Kiss for a Netflix show I didn’t even know existed. Clearly, I have miles to go before I sleep.

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