Happy weekend, friends! Hope you are well, out there. If you’re eligible for a Covid vaccine, and haven’t gotten it yet, go get one! In the US, you can find one near you by texting ZIP code to 438829. In most states, you should be able to get it just at CVS, too, which is where I got mine.

This was, for me, educational: The Gaza doom loop: What’s happening in Israel and Gaza is the near-inevitable result of a grim status quo. [Vox]

I’ve found the Live Update page at the NYT very useful in keeping track of what’s happening in this conflict, as news is moving fast. Also at the NYT: In Gaza, an Ordinary Street, and Extraordinary Horror, as Missiles Thunder In . (This is quite harrowing to read, as a warning.)

Interested in reading a really good interview? Andrew McCarthy Revisits the Brat Pack [The New Yorker]

This piece is great: The Lure of H Mart, Where the Shelves Can Seem as Wide as Asia [NYT]

I loved this: ‘Microfarms’ come to South L.A. frontyards, bringing fresh produce to food deserts [LA Times]

At Vogue: Style With Soul: How the World’s Most Iconic Black Women Singers Expressed Themselves Through Fashion

Very up my alley: How Airport Style Evolved—from Elizabeth Taylor to Blackpink and BTS [WSJ]

I literally laughed out loud at this: Crocs Are Ugly!!! [Buzzfeed]

Lainey is going DEEP into the details of whatever’s happening with Bennifer and I AM HERE FOR A SUMMER OF A LIST CELEBRITY GOSSIP, Y’ALL. (If you missed it, we ran a History of Bennifer today!)

Related: Other Celebrity Couples That Deserve A Reboot [Pajiba]

ALSO related, I have so many questions about this: Matt Damon on the OG Bennifer revival: ‘I hope it’s true, that would be awesome’. MATT, you’re FRIENDS with Ben, why don’t you just CALL HIM? Now I’m worried about Matt and Ben! (Actually, now that I think about it, I’m sure Matt DOES know what’s going on and Ben just told him to play dumb. Right? RIGHT?) [Celebitchy]

At Bitch: Lindy West Reflects on the Fat Positive Legacy of “Shrill.”

Cool, I’ve been doing this for years now: Cluttercore: the pandemic trend for celebrating stuff, mess and comfort [The Guardian]

Great, at The Undefeated: Baseball and books: Nationals’ Josh Bell has two loves.

Also at Lainey: Deets about the Friends reunion, which is NOT scripted and I actually think I might skip. 

IMPORTANT: Sarah Paulson Answers Every Question We Have About Down With Love. [Vulture]

This is so well-reported, and also horrifying: “He made their lives miserable”: How the showrunner of a popular courtroom drama finally got fired. [Salon]

This is fun AND interesting: Your Least Favorite Gross Viral Food Videos Are All Connected to This Guy. [Eater]

So interesting at Curbed: The Still-Wild, Semi-Habitable McKibbin Lofts Four Loko parties, falling maggots, and first-floor strip clubs. I could NOT live in this building!!!  (Even in the late 90s, when I was still young.) Having said that, this is definitely a novel.

Here at GFY, I rounded up some cute shorts and we talked about our favorite articles of clothing.

And, finally, a reader emailed us to let me know that y’all might be interested in this fundraiser for Asian-Americans Advancing Justice; the photos for sale are so pretty!