Listen! It’s been a long year! Many of us have been locked inside far more than we’d normally have been! Last summer was a WASH when it came to having fun. And now, thank goodness, large parts of the world feel as if they might be emerging from our pandemic cocoon. (For example, I am fully vaccinated as of today! Go get your vaccine, if it’s available to you! I didn’t even have any real side effects; like, I was tired and had a headache after the first shot, and my arm hurt after the second one. That’s it!) Which means people might be going outside when it is hot and we might want to wear shorts.  LET THOSE LEGS OUT TO LIVE! (I’m desperate for one of you to buy these cute-ass shorts with tennis rackets all over them, to be honest.)

I also need to warn you: There are some wild shorts out there right now. I saw a LOT of pleated pleather?!!?!?!? I saw bike shorts made of what I can only deem Muppet material? Stuff is really being thrown against the wall in the shorts world this summer. I shall not include them herein:

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