The longer I looked at this, the more I had doubts.

The skirt is cute. The shoes are actually Amanda Woodward-style mules rather than booties (maybe she learned it from Heather Locklear when they did the new Melrose Place), which is a trend I’d be happy to leave in 1994, along with my green velvet Doc Marten boots — okay, I still have those, but just for souvenir purposes I PROMISE — and all of Grade 11 biology. But the trip wire here for me is the shirt. I don’t mind the pattern really, but something about the cut and the way it’s tucked right in makes it look to me like she’s wearing a skirt over a bathing suit. It’s not quite gelling. OR IS IT? That’s where you come in: Is it fine as-is? Do you wish you could somehow recut the shirt so that it all comes together differently? Would you replace the shirt altogether, or blazer it up, or put on the mules with a teeny tiny mini-skirt and go out and try to ruin someone’s life? Pray, discuss.

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  • Perfect! (6%, 345 Votes)
  • Hmm. It IS sort of weird, somehow. (42%, 2,334 Votes)
  • I know EXACTLY how. Meet me in the comments. (3%, 167 Votes)
  • I'd just start over, personally. (49%, 2,723 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,569

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