This actually as easily could’ve been a Well Played With Notes, but whatever. I’m in a voting frame of mind.

That dress is so, so cute. I love it. Three enthusiastic thumbs up, with my fourth too paralyzed by longing to move.

But I don’t think I’d have done such a severe, tight updo. Amanda has the most glorious blonde hair, and if she’d let that stuff loose around her shoulders and smiled wide, we’d have bee in SERIOUS business. In every photo that I saw — or that’s come in so far, anyway — her only grin is tight-lipped at best. Maybe that’s because the hair is impeding the movement of her facial muscles, or something. Here’s a side view:

It is so elaborate, and maybe also Advil bait. Just let your keratin flag fly, Amanda. And… let’s send the jury out to deliberate on the shoes, too. Are the red sandals too matchy-matchy, or are we just relieved they’re not beige? I’d also have liked a dark pedicure with a shoe that open, to edge up the romantic flowers, but then again I am just that person. Maybe I have a dark SOUL.

How did she fare?

  • She's perfect just as she is (21%, 858 Votes)
  • I love that dress but I would REALLY love it if we changed the styling just a hair. GET IT? HAIR? Har, har. Punny. (59%, 2,400 Votes)
  • My kingdom for a nude shoe! (0%, 18 Votes)
  • Just kidding. But I WOULD want to explore other shoe options. (7%, 275 Votes)
  • I don't even like the dress, to be honest. (13%, 509 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,060

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