I am really, really, really close to handing Solange here a Well Played and a smile.

But the thing is, I like the idea of this more than the execution. That blouse is nice enough and the color of the skirt is pretty, but I’m not sure the hues play nicely together so much as one of them is having a tantrum because the other one won’t share nicely.  Also, a high-waisted skirt can work in theory, but that’s really more of a low-sternumed strapless dress, to the point where it’s basically a breast shelf. But the shoes are an interesting pairing, so… let’s give Solange a hand here and nip and tuck her to the awesomeness I now know she’s capable of, because for a while there… remember her first Fug Madness run? She was a fug fondue. At least we’ve moved past that.

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