Well, I certainly can’t complain that Lily Collins here is afraid of color. And thank God for that.

But I’m not sold on this exact combination of them. I keep wanting to adjust the picture on my television set, as it were — in fact, it reminds me of what my old picture-tube TV made football look like, about three hours before I chucked it out the window (note: that may not have happened) and invested in a flat-screen. I’m just not convinced they’re a fit for anything but a very old landscape painting hanging in the Louvre somewhere. Nor am I sure whether she can breathe in that dress. Nor move in it. Do you think the puddle of skirt at the bottom hides some kind of skateboard apparatus, whereby someone can remotely zip her down the carpet and prevent her from having to shimmy one thigh in front of the other?

What do you think, Fug Nation? Is anything about this sticking in your craw? Is there something worth altering to try and make it a home run, or should we just kick her back to the dugout and take her off tomorrow’s lineup? Swing for the fences, y’all. … Sorry. I was just on such a hacky path, I felt I should follow it all the way to the end.

[Photo: Getty]