I am so so excited that Rihanna is in Battleship — along with everyone else. Brooklyn Decker! Alex Sarsgard! Liam Neeson! Tim Riggins, AND LANDRY! Hamish Linklater! It is a grab-bag of random and also I can’t believe Rihanna has decided to act. I predict she’s going to be TERRIBLE in a way that is actually kind of fun. I mean, she nails “Shy Ronnie” on SNL, so maybe she’s the next Helen Mirren, but I think it’s more likely that she will look super hot and be surprisingly acceptable except for a few moments where you just want to stick your head into your popcorn and die. I can’t wait. I also salute her for really working this press junket:

Sure, she didn’t change out of her jammies, but those are some FANCY PAJAMS. I might not change either.

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