I don’t know that I think this is straight-up fug, but it’s Monday and we just had a “Fug or Fab” so let’s tango with variety today and unfug this instead.

My first wish is that it went all the way to the floor, maybe even with a little bit of drag behind her. A skirt with aspirations of majordom shouldn’t quit trying 75 percent of the way there. Plus JoFro is a petite person, but her little feet poking out the bottom stumpifies her. I’m also not wild about the ’80s-style off-the-shoulder bodice, so I’d snip those off, and while I’m up there, I’d gather up her hair and put it back in an updo of some kind. Bedhead up top makes the bottom look more like bed sheets she left in the dryer for two months. Anna Bates would never. But what would you do to it? Or do you love it, like Bridget Jones, just the way it is?

[Photo: Getty]