I want better for Anna Bates here. Both on her body AND on Downton Abbey, because frankly, I’ve been totally bored of Mr. Bates for a while now and I went from being sympathetic to his trials to deeply ambivalent about his happiness, to wishing he’d kill someone for real and go back to jail so that Anna can have steamy adventures with someone less stodgy.

The crooked mullet looks like she accidentally leaned into a fire. Otherwise, I’d love to noodle with this: Loose, soft updo, perhaps, with a knee-length skirt and bright shoes with a more fun clutch. Or you could add a cute belt, or it Needs A Better Bracelet (NABB) or… the possibilities are as endless as the current color palette is bland. That palette is Mr. Bates. Oh, lordy, the whole OUTFIT basically IS Mr. Bates, right down to having just the one leg. I’m sorry, Mr. Bates. I’m not mocking your plight. (But would it kill you to bash someone over the head with your prosthetic? THINK OF THE VIEWERS.)

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