Let’s help G-Bone make this less Dynasty. G-Bone, by the way, is the alter-ego nickname I’ve given to the person Ginnifer must be trying to channel when she gets all Angry Eyes on the red carpet.

The sunny, cute talk-show Ginnifer would do well to cut off the sleeves, shorten it a little, and change out the shoe to something lighter (assuming the other fixes don’t help them shine). G-Bone, on the other hand, would… well, she’d probably do all that also, except take it even shorter, then rip out the mesh and then throw on a punky/edgy boot or bootie, because G-Bone prefers looking like she’s just bad enough to hop on your boyfriend’s motorcycle at a moment’s notice, make HIM ride on the back, and go break some laws up by the Hollywood sign. What would you do if you were her? Besides smile, obviously. But we’ve covered that.

[Photo: Getty]