I enjoy that Anna Friel went from a relationship with Professor Lupin to one with Xenophilius Lovegood.

She obviously likes the careworn, rumpled type, and I say that without judgment of either of them — it’s just an observation. I like it. I support that. I find Rhys Ifans charming in his movie roles, and he looks great in his dapper racing-green suit, if only someone would have told him to untuck it from his shoe (let’s assume someone did him that solid). Anna, however, I find more problematic here. Part of it may be that I will forever adore her as Chuck from Pushing Daisies, and her wardrobe on that show was SO retro and bright and adorable that it’s difficult to love her as much any other way. She will always be Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles to me, and that’s the way I like it. But I also fully accept that the real issue is that I just don’t like what she’s wearing. Color can’t save everything, y’all. If it could, we’d ALL probably be running around looking like Starlight Express understudies. Also, I mentioned it in the MuchMusic slideshow this morning, and I’ll say it again: The double-slit insanity has GOT TO DIE DOWN PLEASE. You look like you’re wearing mudflaps.

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