At the premiere of Tropic Thunder, a movie that featured her husband Tom Cruise — sidebar: I STILL cannot believe TomKat happened —  the erstwhile Joey Potter showed up in a perplexing creation that turned out to have been partly her own. She and her stylist Jeanne Yang worked on… well, what LOOKS like a skirt they bought somewhere and then stapled to a bodice made of designer duct tape. (It was the precursor to a fashion line that folded in 2014.) It’s ineptly constructed, and poorly styled. The black clutch — I think? — is all wrong, there is no jewelry; the shoes are great, but unfortunately they underscore how bad the rest of it is. And then there is her hair:


That is not an updo. Video confirms she’d poorly pixied herself, which might have been fine if she had done it correctly, in an ACTUAL pixie cut that’s short all over a la Mia Farrow. But no, this one commits to nothing so much as a robust helmet shape. It reminds me of The Jane Pauley, a bad late-80s haircut that she got which then appeared on Holly Hunter’s character in the ending of Broadcast News. I hope it was a wig, and that she got home and laughed and took it off and said, “Thank GOD I didn’t try that for real,” because that girl went through enough without also having to grow THIS out.

[Photos: Getty]