When I say this dress has legs, I did not mean that it has stood the test of time; while one could argue it still would fit the aesthetics of many current celebs, I do think the high-low gowns of right now are not QUITE so microscopic in front. And I don’t WHAT that bizarre X Marks the Plot Twist is on her sternum. A complicated belt? A puzzle? Is it a test of wits for all who dare challenge her?

No, I was, instead, being punny. I meant her legs. As in, it has them. All of them. So much leg. Back in the day, I wrote that this was as if Bai Ling had designed a dress based on Torvill & Dean’s “Bolero” routine, and I very much stand by that assessment — as I do my then-fervent wish that the movie she was promoting, A Quantum of Solace, would rebrand itself as Solace On Ice and require James to complete a perilous series of lifts and triple jumps. We know now how badly that movie needed it.

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