This is from a 2008 collection for which Sonia Rykiel’s designers made dresses using… her own face. Can you imagine? If Christian Siriano did a whole collection where all the dress bodices had his bespectacled eyes over the boobs, we would all scream, and rightly. I would be that keen to wear a frock that had ANY face staring disapprovingly out into the void from my trunk. Sonia’s hollow-eyed indifference to Ms. Pepper Potts and her very fine bangles is almost chilling. “Sure, Gwyneth,” it says. “Go ahead. Start that lifestyle company you were just blabbing about to Robert Downey Jr. Quit movies. Do whatever this is with your hair that looks unusually like a wig. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. NOTHING MATTERS.”

Oh, shit, y’all. Gwyneth unwittingly wore 2020 in frock form.

[Photo: Getty]