Honestly, the dress itself is really very pretty. But maybe wrapping the bridal veil around herself was a bit over the top:

I worry that if she and Justin don’t get hitched within the next six months, she’s going to go out with it attached to her head. Honestly, I really just wish I had been in the meeting that she had with her stylist and manager where they all decided to go as bridal as possible ALL THE TIME between now and…eternity?

BIEL: I just feel like I need people to pay more attention to my personal life.

MANAGER: I just think we need to hit the idea that you’re getting married as hard as possible, so we can finally get that People cover. I can see it now: JESS’S BABY JOY.


STYLIST: Wait, people, one thing at a time. And  I  have a LOT of white frocks in the storeroom I’ve got to get rid of before Labor Day.

BIEL: I just want Justin — and the public at large —  to feel as squirrelly as possibly about my behavior…FOREVER.

STYLIST: Good idea.

MANAGER: Go Team Havisham!

BIEL: Wait, what does that mean?

STYLIST: Just try not to think about it, sweetie. Your hair looks pretty. That’s the most important thing.