Tom Daley recently said he’s coming back to vie for a spot on the Great Britain diving team for Paris 2024, because his son said he really wanted to see dad dive at the Olympics. This is sweet, and I hope he kills it — that’d be five Olympics for him, which is a LOT of high-speed plummeting. I don’t know why divers don’t get more concussions. Well, they probably DO, and we just don’t hear about it. Hopefully everyone will be fine. In the meantime, Tom is gadding about in this wildly quirky bunny outfit that I sincerely thought, from a distance, was Lacoste parodying itself. They look like super comfy jammies for a Steelers fan who is hot for Easter, but all together it’s a LOT for one person to carry. Even if he kept the top, from a distance, it looks like someone killed a series of upsettingly big bugs on his chest. Pass.

[Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images]