This year, of course, July 23 marks the opening of The Olympics That Really Should Not Be Happening, But I Freaking Love The Olympics, So I Can’t Bring Myself To Boycott And Also The Athletes Have Worked So Hard, Ugh, Covid SUCKS. But in noodling around the archives, I realized that the week of July 18-23 was, in 1976, when Nadia Comaneci scored the perfect ten. And on this very day in 1996, Kerri Strug got hurt on her first vault but persisted and landed enough of her second to secure the gold medal for the U.S. So I guess… it’s a particularly big time historically for Bela Karolyi, and I don’t know how I feel about THAT (or maybe I do). Anyway, we also have pics of FloJo’s catsuits, and a dramatic one-person race. Yes, ONE person.

[Photos: Getty]