(a) Jennifer Hudson looks SO CUTE in this; bring this vibe into your weekend! It’s PERFECT.

(b) I gasped when I looked closer at one of these photos and noticed…THE LETTERMAN DUMPSTER IS BACK.

For those of you who have not been reading us for nearly a decade, some intel: The Ed Sullivan Theatre is where they used to film Late Night With David Letterman, and is now where they film The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. There is a patch of sidewalk on 53rd street where the celebrity guests enter and exit, and where the paparazzi camp out to take their photos. For YEARS, all these photos had a grungy dumpster hanging out in the back of them. We called it — you guessed it — The Letterman Dumpster. At some point in 2012, the dumpster disappeared.  Well, friends. Guess what? THE DUMPSTER LIVES! THE DUMPSTER MADE IT THROUGH THE PANDEMIC! As Heather noted to me when I frantically texted her the good news, “it figures a Dumpster is what 2021 would bring back to us.” AND WE WELCOME IT. First the Dumpster, next….the WORLD.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty Images]