I’m thinking about hiring the Famed Letterman Dumpster as a beat reporter.

IT SEES EVERYTHING. In this instance, it appears that there is even a dude leaning on it whilst his friend — in the street — snaps a photo. “Oh, Amy Adams is over there? Whatevs. WE HAVE THE DUMPSTER. THE DUMPSTER IS RIGHT HERE. Dumpster, can we get a picture with you? THANK YOU! We just loved your work with Jake Gyllenhaal.” And who DOESN’T love Dumpster? Dumpster is CLASSIC. Dumpster is a study, classic work horse. A real pro. Come rain, snow, hail, gale force winds, blistering heats, locusts: DUMPSTER IS THERE. Dumpster WORKS IT.

But does Amy? I just realized that I own those shoes in a lighter gray.

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