Hello. This baby is the absolute twin of his sister, in case you were wondering. I dug back into the archives to pull up Princess Charlotte’s Freshly Home From The Hospital, And, Frankly, Still Slightly Stunned To Be Out Of the Womb pics, and they’re VERY SIMILAR to these, except in these new squashy snaps a Perfectly Confident Princess Charlotte is playing the role of Doubtful George, and Baby Louis is playing the role of, you know, The Tiny Baby. He looks JUST like her.  (Somewhere, I presume, George has climbed a tree — way, way up, far too high for his own comfort — and is muttering, “I TOLD THEM THAT I DIDN’T THINK A THIRD CHILD WAS THE BEST IDEA AND I STAND BY THAT, HOWEVER I’D LOVE IF SOMEONE COULD COME AND REMOVE ME FROM THIS TREE, PLEASE. IMMEDIATELY, PLEASE. I KNOW I CLIMBED IT AS A STATEMENT AGAINST THE ENTIRE CONCEPT OF THESE PHOTOS IN PARTICULAR AND THIS EXPANDED FAMILY IN GENERAL BUT I’M AFRAID I’M GOING TO MISS TEA SO IF SOMEONE COULD COME GET ME RIGHT NOW THAT WOULD BE TERRIFIC. NOW. RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”)

If Charlotte is blissfully smooching her baby brother — and why shouldn’t she be blissful? She’s had a lovely birthday, she’s wearing some snazzy new barrettes, she’s getting a dreamy new auntie in a matter of weeks, all that wave practicing she did paid off, and she has a brand new lab assistant who seems extremely pliable — Louis himself is mostly thinking, “Goodness, I am terrifically cozy in this sweater set I borrowed from Charlotte and…yes…I was just napping, wasn’t I? I mostly nap. But you know, I think I shall nap again. A nap sounds divine.”

Britain's Prince Louis in London, United Kingdom - 26 Apr 2018

He’s really living the life.