I am DELIGHTED to note that someone showed us this picture on her phone while we were at our book signing today. Everyone squealed. And that is as it should be, Fug Nation!

WHAT. A. NOODLE. Or, I guess, what a pair of noodles. I want to squash both of them and chew gently on their little cheeks and smooth down their unruly hair and then give George Twizzlers and get him really wound up, before sailing out of the estate in my cape, leaving his parents to deal with the aftermath while his uncle and I drink champagne and laugh.

Let’s look at the other snaps (shot by Kate):

This one is VERY DOUBTFUL in a way that delights me:

“I’M NOT QUITE SURE I LIKE THIS THING, MUMMY. WHY IS IT STILL HERE? IF I DO THIS FOR YOU WILL YOU PLEASE LET ME GO OUTSIDE AND SWIM UNSUPERVISED IN THE RIVER? THANK YOU VERY MUCH. NO ONE SUFFERS AS I HAVE SUFFERED.” And Charlotte is kind of like, “This moment feels incredibly fraught for me, and I am mildly terrified. I assume someone is going to rescue me before I am merely the most recent victim of George’s reign of terror, like poor Snuffles the Stuffed Rabbit and that priceless leather Chesterfield in Daddy’s office before me. You are going to rescue me, right, Mother? MOTHER?” Yes, Charlotte. You shall be rescued.

This one is extremely cute as well, and is also our best new evidence for the on-going convo of Who Does Princess Charlotte Resemble?

I have gone back and forth from William to Kate with a brief stop at Harry (not in a Scandalous Way; just in You Look Like Your Uncle Way) and then back around to Wills. Regardless: She’s deliciously squeezable and also remarkably clean in her tennis whites (I assume, right? Gotta start them young. Wimbledon, like winter, is coming.). There shall be no royal barfing during this photo session!

But, as Fug National Laura Egendorf noted to us on Twitter, THIS is the Piano Picture of the set:


[Photos: Kensington Palace, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, Getty Images]