Are you ready? We’ve got royals in misguided hats, smuggling booze! All is right in the world.

In case you missed it here at GFY, Meghan launched the cookbook for which she wrote the foreword yesterday, and we picked out some looks for her and Kate from New York Fashion Week’s runways.

In other news!

Speaking of Together, the cookbook Meghan is supporting (which both Heather and I already bought), Vogue has her favorite recipe from said book. It looks GOOD.

Alert: That great green Strathberry bag Meghan carries is available for pre-order!

The Daily Beast reports that Meghan is kind of lonesome and a lot of Harry’s posh friends don’t love her politics (and that she doesn’t want him to hunt). I take this sort of thing with a grain of salt, but both of those theories seem possible to me. I did like that, according to this piece, Kate, Bea & Euj, and Victoria Beckham are all extending the hand of friendship.

ITV has a new documentary coming out — no word on if it will be aired in the US — called Queen of the World. Per Hello!, “the ITV series was filmed over more than a year, with privileged access to the sovereign and her family including Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry and Meghan.” [Edit: thanks to everyone who let us know this will air on HBO in October.]

I enjoy how convoluted this is: Buckingham Palace Just Announced that Prince Harry’s Cousin is Marrying Pippa Middleton’s Ex. (a) Wow, these circles are so incestuous and (b) as ever, I look forward to those pictures. [Marie Claire]

Speaking of weddings, Cosmo says, “BBC Reportedly Snubs Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Over Flop Ratings, and the Palace Is PISSED.” I feel confident that “the palace” = “Andrew.”

And in social media developments:

This is…quite a jumpsuit:

This horse is a material witness!

Anne worked quite a bit this week, as usual:

Lots of good pics from Wills’s busy week here:

Princess Eugenie took a trip to Serbia:


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