This is so hilarrible that Jessica and I actually clapped our hands and squealed when we saw it.

It’s a bodysuit under a backless sheer dress, and the gown part being ONLY on the front of her chest is what really makes this transcendently amusing. It genuinely feels like she is possessed. By a younger Noted Kook with nudist tendencies. Do we think she and Lindsay Lohan are having a Freaky Friday 2 moment? Is “Lindsay” off somewhere on a yacht in a skintight laced-up Cavalli telling stories about Michael Douglas, and that time a dragon tried to eat her husband, while “Sharon” frantically calls Oprah? Will this, too, end in an uncomfortable liplock with Chad Michael Murray?

Then again, the better question: If LiLo and Sharon switched bodies, would anyone actually even notice?

[Photo: Getty]