The new royal muffincheeks is here! The new young Sussex was spotted Monday in a bespoke blue birth announcement and a blocky font:

And Dad donned an oatmeal-colored pullover to deliver the news in front of some very intrigued horses:

“This little thing is absolutely to die for” is sweet. And “I haven’t been to many births” made me laugh. He seems THRILLED and tired, and I’m sure Meghan is eight thousand shades deeper of each of those things; as Harry confirmed, she was pretty overdue, so she must be happy on several levels and very much ready to reinhabit her body on her own terms. It’s a weird cocktail of emotions. For me there was a moment of missing my buddies, before being like, “Oh, wait, now I can cuddle them AND drink Diet Coke.” (Oversimplified, but you feel me.)

Harry also confirmed than in about two days’ time they’ll do some photos on the grounds of Windsor Castle, and I’m guessing those will be released on Instagram too, much as the birth announcement was. I woke up to a People alert about her being in labor that did not precede this post by very much, leading some reporters to think they released that after the baby was born — and I feel like their engagement announcement came at a similar time, so I don’t know if that’s to loop in the US markets as well, or if the royal family has long calculated that 6 a.m. Pacific time is the optimal hour for as many time zones as possible, or what. The Instagram post also seems to have been the first anyone saw of the baby’s (sus)sex, which is intriguing and telling use of social media — I mean, that’s a first for an announcement this major, right? It absolutely underscores that this is the Team Suss platform of choice for breaking news.

Congrats to the new parents, and now the name game  can begin (anew) with more specific fervor. Do we think they’ll go traditional or slightly unusual? Back when Louis was born, there was a theory that Philip was being saved for any future bebe of Harry’s because he and Phil are very close, but who the heck knows if that has any merit, especially since this wee one was purely theoretical then. Now it is real and maybe it doesn’t look like a Philip to them. I personally am rooting for Theon Bran Bronn Varys, though I will accept Drago Night King Lannistark.

While we wait: speculate!