Note: This dress, to me, feels like the winning look from a Project Runway challenge sponsored by whoever it is that makes inner-office memo envelopes.  (Note the second: Project Runway’s return to Bravo seems to have signaled the end of the sort of cringe-y sponsorship challenges that recently bedeviled it on Lifetime; it really is SO good this season and I recommend it! I also need to talk to people about how everyone in that cast whiffed the most recent challenge, with Morena Baccarin, despite the fact that it was a brilliant and interesting one! Someone please talk to me about this!) It is very drab on her, despite the fact that the sleeves are doing the sleeve-equivalent of fan kicks over there to try to liven things up. However: She really does seem like a delight lately and I feel comfortable confessing that I have missed her. Shouldn’t Piper Perabo be in an interesting adult drama on ABC where she gets to — HANG ON. I just solved it. Piper Perabo should join the cast of Station 19. This makes total sense. She can play the experienced, wise-cracking new Fire Chief, whose sharp mouth of course merely conceals the intense heartache she has known in a career of trying to save people from fiery infernos. Oooh, that’s going to be so satisfying — let’s put it out into the universe.

[Photo by ANDREW MORALES/SSTK/REX/Shutterstock]